Check out this brilliant snow shovel, this will make the job 50 times faster and easier. Simple, smart and efficient snow showel for roof. Now you can stand well and safely on the ground when you gently remove the snow from the house, cabin and garage roof. It’s so simple and effective that you only spend a fraction of the time you spent with the old shovel. You also don´t risk falling down from the rooftop. If necessary, it is also possible to stand on the rooftop to remove the snow. This Norwegian-produced model is so solid that it easily to cut through old, icy and hard snow. Buy this one, remove the snow easily and controlled, while saving energy and your health/ body.

The snow shovel is very easy to handle and removes the snow from the rooftop quickly and easily. The snow shovel fits all types of roof sloopings with slopes above about 5 degrees angle. You can stand safely on the ground, while the snow shovel cuts through the snow parallel to the roof. It cuts the snow easily in 1.3 ft width and 1.3 ft depth. You leave it about 0.5 – 1 ft of snow, so you do not damage the roofing materials. The snow slides lightly onto a 10 ft long, smooth and solid PVC tarpaulin using gravity.

The handle is made of a 20 ft long, light and very stable and powerful aluminum pipe, divided into 3 parts of 6.6 ft with simple quick couplings for convenient mounting, transport and storage. The total weight is about 14.5 lbs. If you need a longer snow shovel handle, you can buy extra handles to get the length you need. The snow blade is made of robust, lightweight and non-rusting materials. Buy your snow shovel today and make snow removal a breeze.